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Accessibility means access to information with no limitations placed on deficiency, disability or handicap. Many people arrive at the information on our pages from very different contexts to ours, perhaps with problems of hearing, sight or mobility. The may experience reading or comprehension difficulties. Maybe they cannot use a keyboard or a mouse. Maybe they have a text-only reader, a small screen or a slow connection, etc. Accessibility does not only concern those with a disability, instead it improves access to the website in general.

Accessibility test

In order to guarantee accessibility, the pages of the text-only version have been validated XHTML 1.0 Transitional, using the validation program provided by the W3C, an international standard that defines the protocols for guaranteeing quality and accessibility to online content. We have also verified compliance with the guidelines cited in the Web Accessibility Test (WAT). This is a tool promoted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in accordance with the provisions of the Information Society and E-Commerce Services Act.

Of course, we are aware that the accessibility of this portal can be improved and we are working towards this. We invite you to help us in this task with your suggestions.

Direct access to menus and content

In order to users with text-only browsers or browsers that read the screen to avoid having to read the headings, menus, etc. on each page, we have created links to skip these sections and directly access the menus or page content.

We have enabled keyboard shortcuts to speed up website navigation. The following key combinations can be used for these shortcuts:
Alt + Access key + Enter in Internet Explorer for Windows
Alt + Access key in Firefox for Windows Ver. 1.5 and earlier, in Mozilla for Windows, in Netscape Ver. 6 and later for Windows
Alt + Shift + Access key in Firefox Ver. 2 for Windows
Shift + Esc + Access key in Opera for Windows or Mac
Ctrl + Access key in Safari Ver. 1.2 for Mac, in Firefox for Mac (including Firefox Ver. 2), on Mozilla for Mac, in Netscape Ver. 6 and later for Mac.
The enabled shortcuts are:

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Text size

In order to make it as easy as possible to read the texts comfortably, we offer the possibility of changing the font size. Use your browser settings to select larger or smaller font sizes. The selected font size will be remembered on all other pages visited and may be changed whenever required.
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